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AOR’s goal is to design a great product that will stand up to the test of time on bad, dusty roads. We also are committed to supplying excellent warranty and back up service to our customers.


Just as the desert is a land of extremes so are the AOR trailers built to take you there.

For 2018 AOR have designed a series of new chassis with perfect weight balance to offer the ultimate driving experience on our spectacular outback roads.

AOR have a new range of fully insulated fibreglass bodies designed to protect and nurture you.

They also have newly designed, state of the art electrical and heating systems to further enhance your outback adventures. AOR trailers are exceptional studies in ergonomics; true outback classics.

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Want to upgrade from your old trailer to a new AOR? AOR sales team can help you sell your old trailer if you sign up to purchase new.

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Our warranty/service network is unique in the industry. We have over 50 Service/Warranty Agents Australia wide that are industry trained professionals aligned with our service department. We have a dedicated AOR Service business on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

WA Support – We have a new Western Australian handover agent also offering after sales support.

This gives you immediate support when you need it, where you need it, so you can get back on the road and continue living your dream as soon as possible.

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For the people who work at AOR, the quest for a quality product and quality work practices is ingrained, it is beyond them to think any other way.
When you sit in our trailers you relax because the colours and materials we use have a calming effect that overcomes you when everything fits so beautifully. This feeling stays with you for the entire period of ownership and beyond. In a quality product, form is used to enhance but not intrude on how an object functions.

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Everyone innovates the products they produce, but innovation has to be tightly controlled. It has to be accomplished in incremental steps followed by rigorous testing and implementation of new production systems to support the manufacturing processes to ensure quality does not suffer.

Australian Off Road is known as one of the top innovators in the industry but we are also at the top of the quality ladder due to our respect for the Innovation process. This is one of the cornerstones of our business and is one of the reasons you can have confidence in our remarkable products.

Once you have decided to purchase one of our unique products you will enter the exclusive environment of our Owners’ Forum as a full member. With over 1000 contributors, you will then be able to ask questions about options and gain insights into the use of AOR trailers from vastly experienced owners.

You can also find information on setting up your 4wd, where the best camping spots are plus a myriad of other useful camping hints, trips, videos, photos or how to just have fun.

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