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Just as the desert is a land of extremes so are the AOR trailers built to take you there. AOR have designed a series of tried and tested chassis with perfect weight balance to offer the ultimate driving experience on our spectacular outback roads. AOR have a range of fully insulated fibreglass bodies designed to protect and nurture you. They also have newly designed, state of the art electrical and heating systems to further enhance your outback adventures.

AOR trailers are exceptional studies in ergonomics; true outback classics. Find out more about AOR’s model features below. 

We made our fist Quantum in 2008, and it was a new design for the industry. The width of the trailer was 2000mm and we tested it on our first trip to Cape York. It was on this trip I learned the importance of the trailer tracking width being the same as the car. Upon our return we built our second Prototype at 1950mm wide and returned to central Australia and the Victorian High Country for more testing. This was the perfect width as it tracked beautifully in line with the car wheels. Wherever I put my car wheels I was confident the van would follow in the same tracks. It became apparent very quickly how important this detail was to the functionality of the Quantum as a genuine Off Road trailer.

Having the car and trailer wheels following in the same tracks gives great confidence in many situations. On sandy tracks the van is following in the same wheel tracks so you are not pulling the van through the soft sand on either side of the wheel ruts, thus increasing your risk of getting bogged.

On the sharp shouldered blacktop of outback roads you can be confident you will not puncture the trailer tyres while moving over for oncoming vehicles.

In true Off Road driving on the tight bush tracks we all love to visit, your wheel placement is critical to getting there without punctures.

We use this same width today on all our models from the Odyssey to the Matrix and it has now become the industry standard for the Hybrid Camper range.

AOROur range of trailers is ideally suited to exploring this beautiful country with your family. Our folding bunk beds can be deployed in minutes and set up to offer real comfort for your little loved ones. The simplest bunk conversion for all trailers is to convert the dinette to a single bunk with a removable table and cushion insert. The above dinette folding bunk will fold down at night when needed and fold up during the day comfortably out of the way. If a third bunk is required a permanent berth can be installed above the front of the main queen bed in certain models.

Please ask our sales staff about all our options.

AOROur trailers could be described as remote area off road vans because of their impressive specifications.

The solar capacity is between 300 and 480 watts per trailer depending on the model, thus giving you endless solar power. Our battery systems are also overpowered to allow for the occasional cloudy day. All trailers have either high capacity Lithium or AGM battery banks coupled to a sophisticated Redarc Management 30 charging system. This system allows for multiple charge sources at all times and allows maximum charge amps to your batteries when they need it most. Couple these amazing benefits to our huge water capacity and 140 litre Macerator toilet system and you won’t need to go near civilisation for weeks on end.

All our trailers have been designed with load capacity in mind, anywhere between 620kg and 900kg depending on the model, so you can take all your water and gear with you for extended stays in the bush or beach.

AOR100% dustproof is a big claim but we achieve this in every trailer we build by being fanatical about sealing the trailer.

All intrusions through the one piece fibreglass monocoque body are sealed in production, tested and inspected at two different QC stations. Once assembly is finalised the van is locked up, filled with smoke and pressure tested to 5psi to ensure there are no other leaks outside or under the van. After all it only takes a pin hole to show major dust intrusion if travelling on dirt roads for thousands of kilometres at speed.

Finally all trailers with cooktops inside are fitted with our unique filtered air pressure system. This proven system forces clean air into the van at speed resulting in a positive internal pressure thus forcing any dust out of the van if a leak should occur.

AORIt’s essential to have a large solar system on your Off Road trailer as the trailer relies solely on battery power when remote camping. Most National Parks have banned the use of generators so it’s essential to have a solar system that can supply all your needs despite some cloudy days, Our trailers are all fitted with 300 watts of solar power, the Aurora has 480 watts of solar power. When these systems are linked to the Redarc Management 30 battery charger you have the best possible combination of battery management systems. The 300 watt systems supply twice what the trailer requires for normal use and so have a built in safety factor for those overcast days when solar power is diminished.

The panels are also very light weight and mounted with an air gap under them to allow the panels to operate at maximum voltage year round.

All trailers are also fitted with an additional Anderson Plug input circuit suitable for adding another solar panel if you choose to camp in the shade.

AORAOR trailers are fitted with two 140 litre water tanks equidistant from the axle. This gives a total capacity of 280 litres of fresh water, enough for weeks in remote areas depending on use. Additional to this is an optional centre mounted 60 Litre pure drinking water tank that can be set up to plumb into the 280 litre system or be used with a separate pump and tap. This will provide pure drinking water for filling water bottles or drinking water while camped.

A 60 litre grey water tank is also available for people who wish to camp in Grey Containment areas.

This huge capacity allows for extended remote area camping unmatched in the industry.

AOR Recycled Water system
For 2019 we have designed our industries leading water recycle system for all our trailers fitted with internal showers. The system recycles the water flowing from the shower drain only. The sink water is not used as it is directed into the grey tank. The water flows into a 20 litre tank that is used to flush the macerator toilet.

As the shower water is relatively clean in terms of grey water it is ideal for this purpose.

AORAll our trailers feature a 1950mm wide body, the Aurora being the exception at 2100 wide. This narrow body allows for the trailers to follow the 4WD down tight bush tracks, the wheels follow in the same tracks as the 4WD itself.

All trailers are designed with the excellent exit and entry angles required to access those remote area campsites we all love so much.

Our “Faceted” body designs are wind cheaters, presenting as sleek a profile as possible to maximise fuel efficiency, a big concern for the dedicated outback adventurer.
All the materials used in the building of the bodies are chosen for their light weight, quality finish and strength to resist the twisting forces and vibrations of prolonged outback travel.

Our bodies are now lighter and stronger than ever. This is the result of our constant search for new state of the art materials, as we strive to stay at the forefront of design, constantly maintaining our competitive advantage.

AOROur trailers have both internal and external kitchens, each one with an individual focus. When choosing one of our trailers a key decision will be whether you want to cook predominantly inside, outside or even do both.

The Odyssey has been designed with inside cooking in mind and has an excellent optional outside kitchen with an internal fridge that is also accessible from outside.
The Quantum and Q+ have been designed with state of the art external stainless steel kitchens with five separate pantry sections, this really is the best kitchen design we have ever produced and allows for maximum living space under the awning area.

The Matrix and Matrix Pop Top have been designed for inside cooking with very large bench and drawer space with a stainless steel outside BBQ slide or a variety of external full stainless steel slide out kitchens.

Our Aurora is fitted with a beautiful big functional internal kitchen that can be optioned with a washing machine, microwave or griller. Externally we have also fitted a stainless steel BBQ slide with two burner grill and sink with hot/cold water accessible from the internal kitchen area.

AOROur trailers are made from composite fibreglass material using a monocoque body design, thus giving you the maximum insulation available. As a result they are cool in summer and warm in winter and have very large insulated windows to help control airflow and temperature.

All our trailers are fitted with the Webasto Diesel internal space heater, (Optional on Odyssey, Eclipse) to keep you warm on those cold winter nights. Coupled with the fully insulated fibreglass body you have class leading comfort all year round.

Air conditioning is optional on all trailers (Std in the Aurora) and is positioned under the bed base on the right side of the trailers. This allows for a completely dust proof body, excellent temperature control and quiet operation.

The multi directional, multi speed wall mounted marine fan makes adjusting airflow a breeze and can be optioned with a second fan for the ultimate in luxury accommodation.

These items go hand in hand. Good ergonomics is at the heart of good design. The space has to be ergonomically correct in every detail. You have to be comfortable in your space otherwise it doesn’t feel right. When you sit in our trailers they just feel right. The fit and finish is perfect, the colours blend well together and the ergonomics work so well together to create a beautiful experience. This is what design is all about; creating an experience that is a pleasure every time you enter that space.

How do we do this so well? Every piece you see has shape that is pleasing to the eye, everything is fitted so well, there are no ugly gaps to catch your eye, the colours and textures blend so well, all this is done with infinite care by tradesmen and women dedicated to producing the very best.

It’s easy to create average things, it takes time and dedication to create something that is inherently beautiful, and this is what we strive for.

AORAll our trailers have huge storage capacity designed to take all your necessary camping gear. With the biggest water storage in the industry we also have the biggest payloads, typically over 560kg and up to 900kg in our top end Aurora.

Because we use a platform bed design we have the ability to design externally accessible storage areas that take up the entire under bed area thus saving maximum storage space.

Our overhead cupboard design in the full height vans is a study in ergonomics and beautiful craftsmanship. The overheads can be used for a myriad of softer components like linen and clothing.

Our large soft close drawer systems allow for maximum storage of all other essential gear for kitchens, pantry or clothing. The drawer systems are made from light weight marine ply composite panels using soft close full extension slides, held in place by twin off road locks for security on the worst roads.

The front nose cone of the trailers has been designed with further storage in mind to take bulky items like tables, chairs and other camping necessities.

All trailers can be optioned with our foldaway firewood racks above the front boot area. The drawbar area can also be optioned with the very popular ISI bike racks to complete your holiday off road.

AORWhile originally considering the changes happening in the Off Road world we noticed continuing resistance to the dumping of chemical or cassettes toilets in both outback town and van park septic systems and dry toilet areas, with large fines applicable in some locations.

Our macerator toilet system has been sourced from the marine industry and has been developed by AOR over the last 8 years to a highly functional luxury convenience. It uses no more water than a normal electric cassette toilet as found in all other caravans.

The wastes are collected in a 140 litre black tank which can then be disposed of at a council or caravan park dump point. The macerator system and large black tank capacity enables extended stays (up to seven times that of a normal cassette system) in remote areas, and responsible and environmentally conscious disposal of wastes as the system uses no chemicals.

This really is the most innovative and effective black water system available on the market today and is designed and fully developed to give you the ultimate outback remote camping experience.