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The 4 pillars of Australian Off Road (Quality, Innovation, Community, After sales service) are the foundation by which our actions and best business practices are built on. Each pillar is of equal weighting and importance. Every aspect of our business relates directly to one or more of these principles and is constantly monitored to ensure our measurable goals are exceeded.


For the people who work at AOR, the quest for a quality product and quality work practices is ingrained, it is beyond them to think any other way. When you sit in our trailers you relax because of the colours, the materials we use have a calming effect that overcomes you when everything fits so beautifully. This feeling stays with you for the entire period of ownership and beyond. In a quality product form is used to enhance but not intrude on how and object functions. Its easy to make ugly, it costs more to achieve simplicity in function and beauty in form.


Australian Off Road was established in 2000 and has been building the best campers and supercampers in Australia since they began. AOR designs have evolved over this period to the point where we know what works. Our trailers don’t just look great, they work! They handle the worst the outback can give, and they continue to work well over long periods of ownership.

There are many that copy our designs, and there are always cheaper products, but they all miss that one ingredient – they have no off road heritage! We have tested our trailers for years and refined our designs in many areas that others can’t possibly copy. We have Quantums and Odysseys that have done over 200,000km of off road travel and they are still going strong.

We keep our designs aesthetically pleasing but functional as this principle works in the outback, and it keeps on working for years. Some people say they only want a dirt road van but there is no such thing. It’s either full off road or forget it. There is no such thing as a partial dirt road. Our designs are totally dust proof with fully sealed fridge vents and heater vents, fully steel shrouded water tanks, full independent suspension with massive dual shock absorber assemblies and they are set up with remote camping features other manufacturers can only dream about.

These are the benefits of years of testing and improving the brand that is Australian Off Road.

When you want the original and the best come to AOR.

AOR Support

Our sales staff are here to support you and answer all your questions but talking with an owner in your area can often also be arranged. We have many dedicated enthusiasts in most areas willing to meet you and show you how they selected the options and features that make our trailers work so well.

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AOR at work

AOR prides itself on recruiting a very high standard of staff. Our 80 strong workforce consists of a mix of

  • School based apprentices that we employ through the Queensland Government’s GenR8 youth engagement program.
  • Apprentices – gaining their engineering certificate specializing in sheet metal fabrication.
  • Roles in administration, sales, marketing, drafting, safety, warehousing and logistics.
  • Fully qualified tradesmen and women with upholstery, manufacturing trades and detailing skills.
  • Highly trained professionals who efficiently run the organization from a management level.

We have worked hard to achieve an open dialogue between all departments and staff. This helps us to maintain a transparent understanding of the businesses operations at al ltimes. It also has a ripple effect through to the high-end quality of our products and future growth opportunities.

Our showroom allows enough space for eight to ten caravans with a dedicated Customer Handover Area and a Customer Lounge where you will be able to wait in air conditioned comfort while your van is serviced. There is a Display Area for all our products that allow for easy access, demonstration and viewing in air conditioned comfort. We have also created a viewing platform in the mezzanine that has lift access for wheelchairs. From this area you can view the internal workings of Australian Off Road and appreciate what makes a great delivery for you without the need for WHS requirements.

We can also conduct factory escorted tours through the centre of our state-of-the-art Lean Manufacturing Production Facility, which is fully endorsed and accredited by the RVMAA, our industry peak governing body. Here you will see the trailers being assembled by some of our 80 plus dedicated tradespeople. You will see the craftsmanship and professional expertise that have made AOR famous throughout the industry. You can also witness the prototype trailers that will form the future model line-up of AOR during the design and construction phase.

There are many sections that make AOR function as a well-oiled unit. You will be shown through the fabrication area where all our chassis, suspension and external framing are constructed, the component manufacturing area where we mass produce and quality control the hundreds of parts that make our trailers so unique. Our huge assembly area with 12 build lines allows you to inspect the various phases of assembly. This is really where you will witness and appreciate what makes a great trailer.

Our facility also houses our Insurance repair section where we restore to original condition using factory AOR parts and build practices the damaged trailers that are freighted to us from Australia wide. Our trailers are also almost unique in the industry in being amongst a small number of caravans that can actually be repaired as they are not made from lightweight timber. Most insurance companies are happy to freight directly to our factory for our original repairs.

Also situated in this area is our very busy Servicing Section where we have a steady flow of trailers booked in from all over Australia for service and upgrades. Any warranty issues are also attended to here.

Externally we have provided ample parking for your showroom visit or your van servicing.

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Everyone innovates the products they produce, but innovation must be tightly controlled. It must be accomplished in baby steps followed by rigorous testing and implementation of new production systems to support the manufacturing processes otherwise quality will suffer. Australian Off Road is known as one of the top innovators in the industry, but we are also at the top of the quality ladder due to our respect for the innovation process. This is one of the cornerstones of our business and is one of the reasons you can have confidence in our remarkable products.

AOR Research

AOR has an established Research and Development Department to assist you to achieve your dream camper or caravan. We are continuously working on innovative designs and even make it possible for you to create your own. With our extensive knowledge and experience, the AOR team will assist you in customising your high-quality trailer or caravan according to you and your family’s personal needs.

Steve Budden is the Managing Director of Australian Off Road and the head of our R & D department. He has many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of Campers, Super campers and Caravans specifically for the off-road market. Steve’s design capacity is not only office bound. He and wife Rhonda conduct extensive first-hand testing and travel in all AOR trailers, testing that includes checking dust-proofing, ergonomics, ease of towing and the integrity of components.

The first design was the legendary Odyssey that went on to become Camper Trailer of the Year in 2011, a camper that has become the benchmark by which others are judged. Steve also designed the first Supercampers in Australia, the original Quantum and more recently the Matrix, Aurora and Quantum Plus which have become industry benchmark trailers and caravans.

Steve has many more exciting designs to come, and backed by his dedicated team he can design the camper or caravan of your dreams. Your dream can become our reality. We know what works and what doesn’t in off road situations as we have vast knowledge based on years of off road design and travel.

We will guide you through from the initial quoting stage to the end product with 3D Solidworks Cad drawings, detailed quoting and photographs of your build as it progresses through our workshop.

Ask one of our friendly staff about our R & D program designed to help you achieve your dream.


Take only photographs, leave only footprints

We all care for our environment and want to experience pristine areas of our beautiful country. Put your mind at ease knowing our off-road vehicles minimise the environmental impact of your adventures.

Our unique “Nomad” toilet system – allows you to take your toilet wastes with you and dump it at a council dump point. Most outback areas, most specifically national parks, have dry eco toilet systems and some country towns are reliant on septic systems rather than sewerage. This means that after a couple of days if you have filled your chemical cassette toilet it is no longer useable. With our “Nomad” system you have 60 litres of storage capacity that allows you to stay up to four times longer, thus protecting the environment and extending your time in the bush.

Our water storage systems – are also larger than most with up to 300 litres of fresh water available. This allows for extended periods in that very special remote camping area when others would have to leave for lack of water.

Solar capacity – is a vital component of remote camping as most National Parks do not allow the use of generators that create both noise and environmental pollution. Our trailers are fitted with 290 watts of solar capacity standard equipment,  allowing you to stay in remote areas almost indefinitely. This capacity is twice what is required by the trailer to function normally and allows for the occasional cloudy or rainy day without resorting to the use of  a generator.

Weight and Width – By using a laminated high-tensile steel chassis and aluminium and fiberglass body construction we have minimized the weight component of our trailers to maximize the fuel economy of your 4wd. They are also designed to be the same width as your 4wd thus having minimal impact on track conditions.

Take your rubbish with you – Most remote camping areas do not have garbage facilities and if you stay for extended periods then your daily garbage disposal becomes a problem.  AOR trailers are fitted with an environmental garbage storage bag attached to the spare wheel cover. You can store your wastes outside,  rather than inside your car or camper, safely locked away from animals that may visit your campsite in some remote areas.

Firewood –  Most National Parks do not allow collection of firewood within the park as they believe that the fallen wood provides habitat for small creatures like insects and lizards. This helps preserve the environment in its natural state. By having the facility to bring in your own firewood you can experience the ultimate enjoyment of a campfire in a wonderful pristine area.

Manufacturing Waste – One of the biggest impacts on our local environment is manufacturing waste. Our systems are designed to minimize our waste.

We use over five hundred laser and water cut components across the range of our trailers. These processes by design are waste sensitive and allow for extreme accuracy in body and chassis manufacture. Our Research and Design department is continually adding to and modifying these components to make our end products as efficient and waste free as possible.

All our packaging materials are separated from general waste prior to removal to also help minimize environmental impact.

Find out more today about AOR. 

AOR Security

RVM Australia – Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Association of Australia – is the peak body for Australia’s RV manufacturing industry and represents over 90% of major Australian RV manufacturers.

It represents the industry in the key areas of ensuring high production standards, supporting initiatives in training and technology development, and engaging at a national level with government and regulators on policies and regulations affecting the RV manufacturing industry.

RVM Australia’s accreditation programs require all RVs produced by members to comply fully with all safety regulations, including Australian Design Rules and Australian Standards. All members are audited by the association regularly to ensure they comply with all the relevant standards. Our membership is voluntary and is a cost to our business but, what does this mean for our customers?

It means that when you are shopping for a new recreational vehicle this badge gives you peace of mind. You can be secure in the knowledge that those manufacturers proudly displaying the RVMA badge comply with all Safety Standards, Government Regulations and Australian Standards. There are many cheaper trailers and imports on the market; the RVMA badge is there to protect your investment.

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Our warranty/service network is unique in the industry. We have over 40 Service/Warranty Agents Australia wide that are industry trained professionals aligned with our service department to give you immediate support when you need it, where you need it so you can get back on the road and continue living your dream as soon as possible.

AOR Service

Our dedicated AOR Service and Warranty team with over fifty years’ experience in the repair industry. We can give immediate support over the phone to you or to any of our Service/Warranty Agents thereby getting you on the road sooner with the best support and outcome possible.

Experience the convenience of our unique 12 months Australia-Wide parts and labour warranty and three year chassis warranty backed by our service network that is second to none.  Genuine AOR parts are used whenever required.

Every AOR product is built to exceptional Standards and all AOR products go through our unique Multi-Stage Quality Processing.

No other manufacturer can match this level of service and peace of mind.

Discover the AOR Service/Warranty agent near you.

AOR Reliance

Warranty and Service where you need it, when you need it.

Our warranty/service network is unique in the industry. We have over 40 Service/Warranty Agents Australia wide that are industry trained professionals aligned with our service department to give you immediate support when you need it, where you need it so you can get back on the road and continue living your dream as soon as possible.

No longer do you have to return your van or camper to the place of purchase. Your Australian Off Road trailer can be serviced or repaired almost anywhere in Australia.

Contact AOR Service today.

Pre Owned models

Thinking of upgrading?

Talk to the AOR Sales team about how we can help you sell your caravan of any brand, if you choose to upgrade to a new model.

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AOR Resale

Resale value is often not considered when purchasing an off road camper, supercamper or caravan. We all consider the resale value of our car when making the decision to buy new or second hand, so why not our camper?

AOR products retain the highest residual resale values in the industry. While others may copy our designs and colour schemes they lack our industry leading quality and value for money. Why is this? With our superior quality and exclusivity of our vehicles, you can rest assure your investment maintains its value. This allows you to confidently reinvest in our new products, continue your off road experiences and allow longevity of your dreams.

Being the best is not just a mantra, we walk the walk and we deliver the goods. Most people will upgrade to a second and third new model.

We are a specialized manufacturer, our products are exclusive in the industry and our production lead-time is usually up to six months from order. This makes older well-maintained trailers that are available very valuable items, thus maintaining resale value for owners. This cycle encourages owners to return and have confidence to invest in a new AOR trailer.

All customers are treated to the same high levels of customer service, no exceptions. This extends to our second hand market, who receive the same levels of service our new customers would expect, along with the benefits and services AOR ownership encompasses – 24hr service and warranty hot-line and National service network.

Maximize your buying decision by investing in AOR exclusivity.


Once you have decided to purchase one of our unique products you will enter the exclusive environment of our Owners’ Forum as a full member and will then be able to ask questions about options and gain insights about use of AOR trailers from vastly experienced owners. You can also receive information on setting up your 4wd, where to find the best camping spots and a myriad of other useful camping hints, trips, videos, photos and how to just have fun.

AOR Social

AOR has been in the business of building the very best-off road campers, super campers and caravans since we established in 2000. With this level of customer base, we have built up a strong following of dedicated AOR enthusiasts.

Some of our customers have been with us from the very beginning upgrading to newer models and designs as they are released. Over 20% of our sales come from repeat purchases. These people have a vast knowledge of outback travel in all conditions using our products.

Find out more about AOR News and social network today. 

AOR Owners Forum

With our AOR Owners’ Forum you will receive access to this vast customer base and be guided through the buying decision with our “Guest/Ambassador” program where you receive access to the forum to ask those awkward questions regarding ownership, usage, travel, longevity, resale etc plus get the latest off road travel tips. Don’t just talk with our sales staff – ask to talk with over 500 dedicated AOR enthusiasts.

Once you have decided to purchase one of our unique products you will enter the exclusive environment of our Owners’ Forum as a full member and will then be able to ask questions about options and gain insights about use of AOR trailers from vastly experienced owners.  This will save you time and money and allow you to tailor the design of your trailer to suit your needs while you wait for your new trailer to be built. You can also receive information on setting up your 4wd, where to find the best camping spots and a myriad of other useful camping hints, trips, videos, photos and how to just have fun.

Find out more about the AOR Owners Forum today. 

AOR Social Media

Facebook – We also share our show events and news on Facebook where we have over 14,000 enthusiast fans. Join the conversation now on Facebook.

Youtube – Of course, you can always sit back and come to our AOR Lounge on YouTube to watch first hand our campers and caravans off road and in action. Watch AOR Youtube.

Instagram – With Social media becoming more and more popular today, AOR have provided a fun way to connect with other AOR owners via our Instagram account #aor_livethedream

AOR News

AOR News – We understand how important it is for you to keep up to date with what is going on in the AOR community. Visit AOR News today and find get company news, travel tips, links to shows and events. Visit AOR News today

We are not here just to sell trailers; we are here to support you in the long term right through the ownership of your AOR product. This is a lifestyle choice and we want you coming back year after year as many of our customers do, confident in the knowledge that your AOR family is there as your support network.