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Preparing your vehicle


Preparation is the key when towing, so it is a good idea to start organizing your vehicle early to ensure everything is in order for your handover.

Choosing option is an important part of the process. We have listed some things below to consider and talk through with the sales team.

Electric brake control unit

Our range of trailers are fitted with either electric/drum or electric/hydraulic disc brakes, both of which require you to have an electric brake controller fitted to your vehicle. We recommend the Tekonsha P2 or P3 model controllers. These systems can be purchased at our online store and installed by an auto electrician of your choice prior to handover, or added to your order and installed onsite on the day by our auto electrician (please refer to the Options list).

If you already have a brake controller in your vehicle or wish to have another brand fitted, please contact Customer Service to discuss compatibility.


The Quantum, Quantum Plus and Odyssey are fitted with electric drum brakes and the Breaksafe breakaway system. This system applies the trailer brakes in the unlikely event of the trailer separating from the vehicle and complies with registration requirements in NSW and VIC. It requires a 12 pin trailer plug (please refer to the Options list) to be fitted to the rear of the 4WD and a Breaksafe battery display monitor to the cabin of the vehicle. Please note this will soon be required for registration in all states.

AOR is a certified installer of the AL-KO Electronic Stability Control which can be added to models with electric drum brakes only (please refer to the Options list). The price includes installation and the 12 pin plug but please note to add this option a small amount of wiring needs to be done to the tow vehicle. For more information on the ESC system.

The Matrix, Matrix Pop Top and Aurora are fitted with electric/hydraulic disc brakes and the Vehicle Components Hydrastar disc brake actuator. These trailers are also fitted with the Breaksafe breakaway system so the vehicle will also require the fitment of the Breaksafe monitor.

Battery system

We use the REDARC Manager 30 battery charging system in all our trailers. This unit can be paired with either AGM or Lithium Batteries. The Manager 30 system controls the 240 volt charging of the trailer batteries from mains power and controls and boosts the 12 volt charging from the vehicle to the trailer batteries. This feature is very important as most modern vehicles have limited output available from their alternators. The Manager 30 also controls the solar charging of the batteries with its inbuilt regulator, capable of managing up to 600 watts of solar input.

The unit has a remote monitor that shows battery voltage, battery capacity, and incoming voltages from mains power, vehicle charge and solar input. It also displays the charge amps coming in from all power sources, as well as the discharge amps being used in your trailer such as lights, the fridge or pumps, enabling you to easily monitor the performance of all systems.

  • Depending on the appliances that you plan to travel with, you may need to upgrade your inverter (please refer to the Options list).
  • 2 x 120ah AGM Batteries = 240ah is standard on all Pop top trailers. You may wish to upgrade to a 200A/H or 300A/H Lithium battery system.
  • The Matrix full height caravan and Aurora have 200A/H Lithium batteries as standard which can be upgraded to 300A/H (please refer to the Options list).

Water capacity

AOR trailers are fitted with a 220L fresh water and 60L grey water tank as standard*. This can be swapped for 280L of fresh water and no grey water tank if preferred.

An additional 60L fresh water tank can be added bringing the total water capacity to 280L fresh and 60L grey or 340L fresh water** (please refer to the Options list).

As a guide the typical water usage with shower and hot water service fitted to the trailer is 10L per person per day and 10L for washing up. Some couples report daily water usage as low as 20 litres per day.

A grey water tank is required for entry into many National Parks so please consider the type of travel you intend to do. Also keep in mind that water storage is more critical in remote areas than battery storage as the water is not so easily replenished, but the trailer also has a ‘river access system’ enabling water to be drawn from a river up to 5m away with a 3m head. Alternatively you can import water in your jerry cans, place a bucket of river water beside the trailer and use the river access system to access the water.

  • *Note: the Odyssey Series II is fitted with 1 x 140L front water tank as standard.
  • ** The Odyssey Series II can be optioned with an additional 140L fresh water tank and or 60L grey water tank (please refer to the Options list).

240 Volt power

A 15a to 10a adapter connects your trailer to a standard household power point safely and legally. The difference between a standard domestic power point and a caravan is the amount of power they are designed to carry. A household power point is designed to operate at up to 10a (amps) but a caravan is designed to operate at up to 15a of power. For safety reasons a 15a caravan lead does not plug into a standard 10a household power point.

An Ampfibian 15a to 10a adapter safely and legally connects a 15a load to a standard 10a domestic power point, protecting the domestic power supply from overloading. Please refer to the Options list to add an Ampfibian to your order now; otherwise they can be purchased at the time of handover.

Wheels and tyres

Your new trailer will be fitted with load rated wheels and tyres. This is a legal requirement for registration in all states.

Standard wheels

All AOR Trailers are fitted as standard with 17” x 8” steel silver rims. These rims are a Dynamic “Sunraysia” style 6 Stud with a pitch circle diameter (PCD) of 6/139.7mm and +25mm offset. The rims are load rated to 1400kg and stamped accordingly, and are interchangeable with the following tow vehicles:

  • Ford Ranger
  • Holden Colorado
  • Mazda BT-50
  • Mitsubishi Challenger
  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Mitsubishi Triton
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Prado (150 and 120)
  • For Land cruiser owners, AOR can supply a “Sunraysia” style 5 stud 17” x 8” steel rim as standard. This rim has a PCD of 5/150mm and a zero offset. These rims are compatible with:
  • Land cruiser 100 series – rigid axle – non Independent front suspension
  • Land cruiser 70 and 80 series range
  • AOR can also supply a genuine Toyota 200 series 5 stud 17” x 8” steel rim as standard. This rim has a PCD of 5/150mm and a +60 offset to match the tow vehicle for:
  • Land cruiser 100 and 200 series – Independent front suspension
  • AOR standard 17” steel rims are available in either silver or black. Additional colours are available at a cost of $90.00 per wheel (please refer to the Options list).
  • Please note that until further notice we can only supply the 16”x7” 5 and 6 stud Mine Spec rims in white. Any colour change will incur a $90 charge per wheel.

Standard tyres

Standard tyres fitted to all AOR steel rims are a Cooper Tire AT3 all-terrain 265/70 R17. These tyres are load rated to 1450kg, this is written on the side wall of the tyre “load rating 121”, and they are of an L/T Light Truck construction. This load rating exceeds the required load rating of 1250kg.

If you require anything other than our standard wheel/tyre package please see below.

  • Customer supplied wheels and tyres:
  • If you wish to upgrade or have alternative wheels and tyres fitted to your trailer, this will need to be organised by you through a recommended supplier (Bob Jane Noosa) or someone of your choosing. We recommend steel rims over alloys as we have found them to be more reliable and practical.
  • It is essential that your wheels and tyres are confirmed and supplied to AOR before we begin manufacture of your trailer 12 weeks prior to delivery. They must also be load rated to a minimum as per below:
  • Minimum load rating requirements: 1250kg
  • Any tyre fitted must have a load rating of 116 as a minimum. This equates to 1250kg – Anything less will not meet registration requirements and will not be fitted.

Please note:

  • Factory alloy/steel wheels (other than the 5 stud pos 60 Toyota steel wheel above) cannot be fitted as they are not load rated.
  • The centre hole of the wheel needs to be at least 110mm in order to fit our brake hubs. We will also require you to supply your own wheel nuts for supplied wheels.

If your customer supplied wheels and or tyres are to be sent to AOR, please notify us by either phone or email and clearly mark the package with your full name.

  • Customer wheels and tyre checklist
  • Rims meet minimum load rating and are stamped load rating
  • Tyres meet minimum load rating
  • AOR notified of colour preference
  • Name and build number on any sent items and AOR notified of dispatched
  • Regardless of what wheels and tyres you select, they must be chosen and delivered to AOR prior to production of your trailer commencing 12 weeks before the delivery month.

Preparation is the key when towing, so it is a good idea to start organizing your vehicle early to ensure everything is in order for your handover.


When considering options for your trailer, please firstly consider your towing vehicles payload, secondly you must consider your GCM (gross combined mass). You should be aware that the tow ball mass counts towards your towing vehicle’s payload weight. Payload includes everything you add to your car: passengers, non-standard accessories, extra fuel/water and any other payload within the towing vehicle. Our trailers aggregate trailer mass (ATM) is:

  • Odyssey – 2.0 tonne (can be upgraded to 2.5 tonne)
  • Quantum, Quantum Plus, Matrix, Matrix Pop Top – 2.5 tonne
  • Aurora – 3.4 Tonne

This weight includes the tow ball or pin mass imposed on the tow hitch plus anything you add as a payload including water, luggage and gas.

Towbar height & coupling

It is desirable, but not necessary to have the trailer sitting level when loaded and attached to your vehicle. To accomplish this, the top of the towbar tongue should, be set at a minimum 500mm from the ground. 4WD’s with swing doors need to be at least 160mm between the bottom of the door and the top of the towbar tongue. Do not set the towbar tongue higher than this measurement.

When you come to collect your trailer please have the tow ball removed so we can attach the off road coupling to your towbar, the chains, 12 pin plug and Anderson plug. We will then test the lights on the trailer to ensure the connections are working correctly and will adjust the electric brake controller and ensure you understand its operation.

You will require a 12 pin plug for your trailer brake system fitted to the rear of your car. This can be purchased at our online store and installed by an auto electrician of your choice prior to handover or onsite on the day by our auto electrician (this service is an additional $60.00).

Please also get your auto electrician to check your vehicles requirements for the Anderson plug. They need to make sure that the positive to positive is coming from the terminal of the start battery, and the negative feed is coming from the chassis.

If you have any pre-existing wiring, please have an auto-electrician check to ensure your Anderson plug is 6 B&S.

If your vehicle requires any auto electrical work to be completed it must be done in the days prior to your handover, auto electrical work WILL NOT be done on handover day.

Additional information

For all wiring diagrams please refer to the AOR forum in the AOR documentation section.

If you would like us to send a diagram or instructions to your auto electrician, please send a request to AOR Service.

We do however suggest that wherever possible (due to previous experience of substandard wiring requiring rectification delaying handovers) to get AOR technicians to do your vehicles wiring to ensure compatibility with the trailer.