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Use this handy checklist when researching for the perfect off road trailer

  • Is it 100% dust proof? Does the manufacturer guarantee this?
  • Does it have a positive pressure dust suppression system?
  • Are the fridges vented internally to do away with external vents that will suck dust into the trailer?
  • Are the hot water systems, air inlets and door vents covered to stop dust being sucked into the trailer?
  • Does it have off road fully independent coil sprung suspension with twin shock absorber technology?
  • Is the chassis light with torsional stiffness, capable of lasting when taken over torturous corrugations?
  • Is it a suitable width and weight for off road travel?
  • The trailer should be no wider than your tow vehicle with identical track measurements.
  • Is the body full fibreglass construction?
  • Fibreglass bodies are lighter and stronger than conventional aluminium/timber bodies and not susceptible to water and dust ingress. Note: Insurance premiums are cheaper for fibreglass models.
  • Does it have a 10% ball weight whether empty or full with water?
  • This is necessary for safe Off road touring on dirt and corrugated gravel roads.
  • Are the water tanks protected by a steel guards on all sides?
  • Does it have 340L water tank capacity for extended remote travel?
  • Are the hoses and pipes under the trailer protected from rock spray?
  • Does it have a chemical free macerator toilet with a 140L black water tank so you can go anywhere for extended periods of time, including National Parks? Note that cassette toilets are banned in National Parks.
  • Does it have a gas hot water system?
  • These are the most 12 volt efficient system, a necessary consideration for off road touring.
  • Does it have large solar power capacity?
  • 300W is the minimum requirement for successful long term Off Road touring.
  • Does it come with options for lithium and AGM batteries?
  • Are the windows lockable with bug and midge proof screens?
  • Is the door a triple lock door with midge proof fly screens that is guaranteed dust proof?
  • Does it have a full size queen bed positioned north-south as opposed to a ‘camp’ size bed?
  • Are all the appliances suitable for off road travel and able to withstand continued vibration?