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Australian Off Road
Campers, Hybrids & Caravan FAQ’s

What makes an AOR different to other off roaders? Check out the model key features or read our buyers checklist to find the right model for you.

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Please see our show schedule for a full list.

For all specs, options and pricing please download a brochure or if you would like an online quote where you can view and make your selections in real time please get in touch!

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Check out our colour schemes for all internal and external colour combinations!

The Quantum, Quantum Plus and Matrix Pop Top are the most popular choices for families with optional bunk areas.

The Quantum and Matrix families, along with the Sinergi and Aurora have single bed options.

Please refer to the bed sizing chart for full details.

The Matrix, MPT and Eclipse come equipped with full internal kitchens.

The Quantum family come standard with a full external kitchen, Sierra also offers outside cooking options.

The Odyssey, Sinergi and Aurora are completed with two extremely versatile kitchen areas. (in/out). These models are perfect for those wanting the possibility to cook in or outdoors.

The Quantum and Matrix model families include an internal hot shower and marine macerator toilet system with 140 litre capacity. These models can also be fitted with grey water tanks plus our new industry leading recycled water system. Sinergi and Aurora have full internal en-suites.

For the compact campers, the Sierra and Odyssey feature a handy outdoor shower pod.

What are the key differences between a macerating and a composting toilet system?

Macerating Toilet Composting Toilet
Technology has been long established Initial cost higher
No chemicals required No water use – better for remote areas
Environmentally friendly Aerobic bacteria required to break down waste – need to add some type of media – eg. coconut husk, saw dust etc
Easy to use No chemicals required
Uses fresh water from van Need to separate liquids – empty every 1-2 days
Need to empty blackwater tank Need to crank solid waste regularly
Increases ball weight as blackwater tank fills Takes a while for waste to compost
Can block if mis-used (wrong material flushed into system) Waste can build up on internal surfaces
Designed to fit neatly in the shower cubicle space Larger size – takes up more space in shower cubicle
functional dimensions Ventilation fan runs constantly
Noise from pump when flushing on standard model (can upgrade to quiet flush model) Eventually must dispose of waste
Pump waste out – or gravity drain No other plumbing or tanks – all-inclusive unit
Regular flushing required as preventative maintenance Whole system is lighter than macerating toilet