Buyers Checklist

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and caravans since 2000


The company

  • Does the company have a solid track record? AOR have been designing and manufacturing for over 20 years.
  • Is the manufacturer RVMAP accredited? This is necessary for your peace of mind knowing all State, Federal and Industry regulations are complied with.
  • Do they have a large and well-integrated national service network? This increases your access to repair agents trained to repair, warrant and service your trailer.
  • Are they Australian made and manufactured or merely component assembled in Australia?
  • Have you checked out their online owner’s forum?

Sleep, appliances

  • Are the fridges vented internally to do away with
    external vents that will suck dust into the trailer?
  • Does it have a full size queen bed positioned north-south as opposed to a ‘camp’ size bed or east west bed position where one person has to climb over the other to get out of bed?
  • Are all the appliances suitable for off road travel and able to withstand continued vibration? Ask the manufacturer how they have achieved this.


  • Is it 100% dust proof? Does the manufacturer guarantee this?
  • Does it have a positive pressure dust suppression system?
  • Does it have off road fully independent coil sprung suspension with twin shock absorber technology?
  • Is the chassis light with torsional stiffness, capable of lasting when taken over torturous corrugations?
  • Is it a suitable width and weight for off road travel? The trailer should be no wider than your tow vehicle with identical track measurements.
  • Is the body full fibreglass construction? Fibreglass bodies are lighter and stronger than conventional aluminium/timber bodies and not susceptible to water and dust ingress. Note: Insurance premiums are cheaper for fibreglass models.
  • Does it have a 10% ball weight whether empty or full with water? This is necessary for safe off road touring on dirt and corrugated gravel roads.
  • Is the spare wheel front or rear mounted for easy access? Underslung spares are cheap to produce but space under the trailer should be used for water tanks. This lowers the centre of gravity of the trailer making it much more stable and safer on corrugated dirt roads.

Pop Tops

  • Ensure it is a full pop top roof not partial as this increases air circulation, awning protection and inside space.
  • Does it have a simple and effective manual lift mechanism with no technology to fail?
  • Is there an additional mechanism to lock the roof of the trailer to the body to stop dust ingress on corrugated dirt roads?

Solar, batteries, water, gas

  • Are the hot water systems, air inlets and door vents covered to stop dust being sucked into the trailer?
  • Are the water tanks protected by a steel guards on all sides?
  • Does it have 340L water tank capacity for extended remote travel?
  • Are the hoses and pipes under the trailer protected from rock spray?
  • Does it have a chemical free macerator toilet with a 110L black water tank so you can go anywhere for extended periods of time, including National Parks? Note that cassette toilets are banned in National Parks.
  • Does it have a gas hot water system? These are the most 12 volt efficient system, a necessary consideration for off road touring.
  • Does it have large solar power capacity? 300W is the minimum requirement for successful long term remote travel.
  • Does it come with options for lithium and AGM batteries?
  • Are the windows lockable with bug and midge proof screens?
  • Is the door a triple lock door with midge proof fly screens that is guaranteed dust proof?

Resale value

Have you checked out their resale value?
Our trailers have the highest residual resale value in the industry. Our superior quality build and exclusivity creates a value for money product, meaning your investment maintains its value. You can confidently reinvest in our products.