Key Features

Building strong, reliable camper trailers
and caravans since 2000


Just as Australia is a land of extremes, so are our trailers built to take you there.

We have designed a series of tried and tested chassis with perfect weight balance to offer the ultimate driving experience on outback tracks. We have a range of fully insulated fibreglass bodies designed to protect you from the toughest elements. We have also designed state of the art electrical and heating systems.

What do our models have in common? Check out the key features included across our range.

Designed with a 1950mm wide body, our trailers are built to follow your 4WD closely down tight bush tracks. Avoid getting bogged and punctures on those tough tracks. Paired with extreme exit and entry angles, you can get to your favorite remote campsite with ease. 

*The Aurora and Sinergi are the exceptions at 2100mm wide. 

Our suspension is designed to follow the tow vehicle closely and respond well to vehicle movements. All trailers have around a 7% – 10% draw bar weight which is the industry recognised standard for RV’s. To ensure consistent tracking, we match the wheel offset to your car for interchangeability and the axle length is adjusted to suit the wheel spec. All trailers have the same track width as each other no matter what wheel spec is chosen. Our aim is to achieve interchangeability between wheels of the car and trailer but this is not always achievable depending on the tow vehicle. This is a great bonus if this can be achieved as this then means you do not need to carry additional spare wheels.

The sleek design of our trailers maximizes fuel efficiency. The quality lightweight materials we use to build the bodies of the trailers are carefully selected to resist the harsh forces and vibrations of prolonged outback travel.

Our trailer bodies are lighter and stronger than ever. We are constantly developing state of the art materials. We have and will continue to be at the forefront of design in the industry.

Designed with load capacity in mind, you can take all your water and gear for your long trips up the beach or to the bush. With a payload between up to 950kg (depending on the model), you won’t have to worry about fitting in all of your gear! Varying from model to model, each trailer is designed to maximise storage and space from the nose cone to cupboards, soft close drawers and platform bed design. Optional foldaway firewood racks and bike racks available.

Our optional folding bunk beds are a comfy, simple solution to travelling off road with kids. Quick and easy setup, the dinette can be converted into a single bunk with a removable table and cushion insert. Simply fold down at night, or up during the day out of the way. There are options for a third single bed, depending on your model.

With huge solar and battery capacities, our trailers are built to stay off road longer. Each trailer is fitted with up to 480 watts of solar and high capacity lithium or AGM battery banks, coupled with the REDARC RedVision battery management system. Connect multiple charging sources to maximum charge amps when you need them most. Combined with the huge 140L macerator toilet system, you won’t need to go near civilisation for weeks on end.

100% dustproof is a big claim but we achieve this in every trailer we build by being fanatical about sealing the trailer.  All intrusions through the one-piece fiberglass monocoque body are sealed in production, tested and inspected at two different QC stations. Once assembly is finalized the van is locked up, filled with smoke and pressure tested to 5psi to ensure there are no other leaks outside or under the van. After all it only takes a pin hole to show major dust intrusion if travelling on dirt roads for thousands of kilometers at speed. All trailers with internal cooktops are fitted with our unique filtered air pressure system. This proven system forces clean air into the van at speed resulting in a positive internal pressure thus forcing any dust out of the van if a leak should occur.

If you’re remote camping in national parks, chances are you will rely on your solar system. Our trailers are fitted with 300 watts of solar power (Aurora 480 watt), linked to the Redarc Management 30 battery charger. This system supplies double what the trailer requires for normal use, with more in your bank for a rainy day. The panels are light weight and mounted to operate at maximum voltage year-round. We also fit an additional Anderson Plug input circuit suitable for adding an extra solar panel.

Travel remotely with enough water for weeks on end. Our trailers are fitted with 2 x 140L water tanks (excluding Sierra and Odyssey). If you think you may need more, option up with a 60L pure water drinking tank, perfect for extended Outback stays. We also offer a 60L grey water tank option. Our water recycle system for all our trailers fitted with internal showers is industry leading, recycling water flowing from the shower drain into the macerator toilet flush 20L tank.

Whether you like cooking inside, outside or both, we’ve got you covered. The Odyssey has an optional external kitchen with an internal fridge (also accessible from outside). The Quantum and Q+ include state of the art external stainless-steel kitchens with five separate pantry sections. This design allows for maximum living space under the awning.
The Matrix and MPT incorporate internal kitchens with large bench and drawer spaces, and a stainless-steel BBQ slide outside or choose from a variety of external full stainless-steel slide out kitchens. The Aurora is fitted with a beautiful big functional internal kitchen that can be optioned with a washing machine, microwave or griller. Externally we have also fitted a stainless-steel BBQ slide with two burner grill and sink (with hot/cold water), accessible from the internal kitchen area.

Made from composite fiberglass using a monocoque body design, our trailers provide maximum insulation. With large insulated windows to help control airflow and temperature, you can stay cool in summer and warm through the winter. Optional air conditioning (standard in Aurora) and Webasto Diesel internal space heater.

Inside the trailer, every piece fits and blends into the space to create a beautiful experience. Creating a comfortable, luxurious home away from home. From the colours and textures used to the care taken by our tradesmen and women, we’re dedicated to producing the very best.

We have developed our environmentally conscious macerator toilet system, sourced from the marine industry, over the last 8 years to a highly functional luxury convenience. It uses no more water than a normal electric cassette toilet as found in all other caravans. The wastes are collected in a 140L black tank which can be disposed at a council or caravan park dump point. Stay remote for longer, with the large capacity tank allowing stays up to seven times that of a normal cassette system). Designed and fully developed to give you the ultimate outback remote camping experience.

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