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Congratulations on your decision to purchase an AOR! We are so excited to build your dream camper or caravan for you.

AOR is committed to bringing you the best in
Quality, Innovation, After Sales Service and Community.

Please read through our Welcome Kit to ensure you are well informed during your purchasing process.

STEP 1 – The AOR Sales Process

Welcome! Your deposit of $1000 has been received and you have locked in your delivery spot.

You will receive an email with a link to your MyAOR Sales Portal and all of your important dates as you progress through the Welcome Kit. The MyAOR Sales Portal is your one stop shop for building your dream camper or caravan. In the portal, you can see what comes standard with your chosen model and select all of your options.

Please have a look through the Welcome Kit steps  below to ensure you are aware of all aspects of the process. Even if you skip ahead, we will still email at each stage to ensure everything has been covered.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please send a message via the ‘Contact History’ tab on MyAOR. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and wish you many happy travels in your new AOR!

PAYMENT 1 – $1000 deposit

$1000 holding deposit to secure your delivery month.

This deposit is 100% refundable up to 14 days from when it was paid.

PAYMENT 2 – $10,000 deposit

14 days after the holding deposit – a further $10,000 deposit ($5,000 for Sierra/ZR).

PAYMENT 3 – $40,000 or 50,000 commencement deposit

12 weeks prior to delivery month

  • $50,000 commencement deposit for Aurora and Sinergi
  • $40,000 for Odyssey, Quantum family and Matrix family

The invoice will be sent 16 weeks out. The commencement payment must be received before the 20th of your finalisation month for production to begin.

PAYMENT 4 – Final payment

Your final invoice is sent 4-6 weeks prior to your delivery month. The final invoice will include any additional options that you have chosen. The final payment must be received and cleared 1 week before your handover/delivery date if paying by bank transfer or personal cheque to allow funds to clear in time. Bank cheque is acceptable on the day of handover.

We accept the following payment methods:

Bank transfer
Please contact us to confirm bank details

Credit card
1.5% surcharge applies to all payments over $2,000
All cards accepted – excluding Amex

Bank cheque
Must be made payable to Rhost Pty ltd

Personal cheque
Must be made payable to Rhost Pty ltd
Personal cheques take 5 days to clear so please allow for this time as it may hold up the delivery date if not received in time

Please note
If you require freight, payment must be made before the your camper or caravan can leave AOR’s premises, and all transport arrangements are to be made by the customer.

AOR Administration will email your invoices as they are due. If you have any questions or are not receiving your emails, please contact us.

All new AOR owners will receive their contract by email with a link to DocuSign. If you think you have not received your contract, please check your junk folder.

Please read all the information on this web page for the Welcome Kit before completing the marked sections of the AOR Sales Contract and submit using the DocuSign link within 14 days of receipt. You will then be automatically emailed a PDF copy for your records.

Part of the Sales process is choosing the right options to suit your off road lifestyle. If you have any technical queries or need more information about options, please send a message via the Contact tab.

When considering options, please be aware that changes can only be made prior to your finalisation date.

Essential information: Please ensure you have communicated to the Sales team the following two items as these are vital for starting production.

  1. Tow vehicle
  2. Choice of exterior colour

Please be aware that once your order has been finalised, no further changes can be made.

You will receive a link to your MyAOR Sales Portal via email from your Sales consultant.

STEP 2 – Choosing options & finalisation

Please finalise your model choice and bed configuration (queen or single beds) 6 months from your build commencement date (4 months for Sierras).

Select your cabinetry, benchtops, upholstery and external colour scheme – see Colour Schemes to preview the colour choices!

The model TARE weight is inclusive of all standard items, with no fluids onboard. No fluid, no gas, no items in the fridge, etc. Please refer to the model specifications for all standard inclusions. Optional extras are not included in the model TARE weight.

Individual trailer TARE weight estimates are calculated including options selected on the MyAOR Portal, as the trailers are weighed prior to handover (including all options).

The model TARE weight given is an estimate and may have a variance of +/- 100KG depending on options, position of options, supplier product changes, and weigh bridge variance.

Please ensure you have selected the following options in your MyAOR portal:

  • External body colour and stone protection
  • Single beds

Electric brake control unit

Our models are fitted with either electric/drum or electric/hydraulic disc brakes, both of which require you to have an electric brake controller fitted to your vehicle.  We recommend the REDARC Tow Pro Elite V3 which is fully compatible with the Hydrapro disc brake actuator (the V2 does not support the motor disconnect function while holding your foot on the brake pedal for an extended time at traffic lights).

If you already have a brake controller in your vehicle or wish to have another brand fitted, please log a job on www.myaor.com.au. Please note you will require a 2021 onwards brake controller for a disc brake system.


The Quantum and Quantum Plus are fitted with electric drum brakes and the Breaksafe breakaway system (option for Odyssey). This system applies the trailer brakes in the unlikely event of the trailer separating from the vehicle.

We use the REDARC Manager 30 battery charging system in all of our models. This unit can be paired with either AGM or Lithium Batteries. The Manager 30 system controls the 240 volt charging of the trailer batteries from mains power and controls and boosts the 12 volt charging from the vehicle to the trailer batteries. This feature is very important as most modern vehicles have limited output available from their alternators. The Manager 30 also controls the solar charging of the batteries with its inbuilt regulator, capable of managing up to 500 watts of solar input.

The unit has a remote monitor that shows battery voltage, battery capacity, and incoming voltages from mains power, vehicle charge and solar input. It also displays the charge amps coming in from all power sources, as well as the discharge amps being used in your camper such as lights, the fridge or pumps, enabling you to easily monitor the performance of all systems.

Depending on the appliances that you plan to travel with, you may need to upgrade your inverter.

For all standard and optional battery systems please refer to the Electrical tab on your MyAOR Portal.

Your new camper or caravan will be fitted with load rated wheels and tyres. This is a legal requirement for registration in all states.

Standard wheels

All AOR models are fitted as standard with 17” x 8” steel rims. The rims are load rated to at least 1375kg and stamped accordingly or come with the appropriate paperwork for ratings. They can come with a few different offsets and 2 different stud patterns to match different vehicles as best as we can. The below wheels except for the Genuine 200 series wheel are black in colour any change outside this will require powdercoating at additional cost.

Positive 30 offset with a PCD of 6/139.7 are potentially interchangeable with the following tow vehicles:

  • Some Ford Ranger
  • Holden Colorado
  • Some Mazda BT-50
  • Mitsubishi Challenger
  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Mitsubishi Triton
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Prado (150 and 120)

Zero offset with a PCD of 6/139.7 are potentially interchangeable with the following tow vehicles:

  • Y60 and Y61 Nissan patrol
  • 80series land cruiser

Zero offset with a PCD of 5/150mm are potentially interchangeable with the following tow vehicles:

  • Land cruiser 70 series range
  • Land cruiser 105 series – rigid axle – non-Independent front suspension

Positive 45 with a PCD of 6/139.7 are potentially interchangeable with the following tow vehicles:

  • Land cruiser 300 series
  • Some Ford Ranger

AOR can also supply a Genuine Toyota 200 series 5 stud 17” x 8” steel rim. This rim has a PCD of 5/150mm and a +60 offset to match the tow vehicle for and comes with a load rating certificate for 1500kg. This wheel is silver in colour but can be powder coated for additional cost:

  • Land cruiser 100 and 200 series – Independent front suspension


Most AOR standard 17” steel rims are available black all wheels can be powder coated for an additional cost. Please refer to your MyAOR Portal for colours and costings.

Standard tyres

Standard tyres fitted to all AOR steel rims are a Cooper Tyre AT3 all-terrain 265/70 R17. These tyres are load rated to 1450kg, this is written on the side wall of the tyre “load rating 121”, and they are of an L/T Light Truck construction. This load rating exceeds the required load rating of 1250kg.

Optional tyres

If our standard tyres don’t suit your application, please refer to your MyAOR portal to see a list of optional brands, models and sizes that we can supply for your trailer with pricing.

Customer supplied wheels and tyres:

If you wish to have alternative wheels and tyres to what we offer, please arrange this with a supplier of your choice. We highly recommend Bob Jane Noosa as they are very familiar with our wheel and tyre specifications.

It is essential that your wheels and tyres are confirmed and supplied to AOR before production commences. They must also be load rated to a minimum as per below:

Minimum load rating requirements is: 1250kg (for trailers with an upgraded atm of 2600kg this will change to 1300kg)

Any tyre fitted must have a load rating of 116 as a minimum. This equates to 1250kg (for trailers with an upgraded atm of 2600kg will need to be minimum of 118 load rating which is 1320kg)– Anything less will not meet registration requirements and will not be fitted.

Please note:

  • Factory alloy/steel wheels cannot be fitted as they are not load rated.
  • The centre hole of the wheel needs to be at least 110mm to fit our brake hubs. We will also require you to supply your own wheel nuts for supplied wheels please note some capped wheel nuts are to short we run a 45mm capped nut.

Customer wheels and tyre checklist

  • Rims meet minimum load rating and are stamped with a load rating.
  • Tyres meets minimum load rating.
  • Aor notified of axle offset and pcd
  • AOR notified of colour preference
  • Name and build number on any sent items and AOR notified of dispatched.

Regardless of what wheels and tyres you select; they must be chosen and delivered to AOR prior to production commencement.

240 Volt power

A 15amp to 10amp adapter connects your trailer to a standard household power point safely and legally. The difference between a standard domestic power point and a caravan is the amount of power they are designed to carry. A household power point is designed to operate at up to 10a (amps) but a caravan is designed to operate at up to 15a of power. For safety reasons a 15a caravan lead does not plug into a standard 10a household power point.

An Ampfibian 15a to 10a adapter safely and legally connects a 15a load to a standard 10a domestic power point, protecting the domestic power supply from overloading. Please refer to the Electrical tab in your MyAOR Portal.

AOR models are fitted with a fresh water tank or fresh and grey water tank options are available.

An additional fresh water tank can be added to some models – please refer to the Lifestyle tab.

As a guide, typical water usage with a shower/hot water service fitted is 10L per person per day and 10L for washing up. Some couples report daily water usage as low as 20L per day.

A grey water tank is required for entry into many National Parks so please consider the type of travel you intend to do. Sometimes water storage is more critical in remote areas than battery storage as water is not as easily replenished. Som models have a ‘river access system’ enabling water to be drawn from a river up to 5m away with a 2m head. Alternatively you can import water in your jerry cans and use the river access system to access that water.

AOR will be in contact to schedule your finalisation appointment.

All registration documents require processing and all payments need to be cleared before handover date.

Please note: Admin (Leisa) admin@australianoffroad.com.au will send your Payment 3 invoice to the email address provided.

For all Customer Supplied Items please use the following process.

  1. Discuss the items first with the Sales
  2. Sales will discuss if the items are suitable to be supplied
  3. Verbal/email approval by Sales required
  4. Download and complete the “Customer supplied items” template and clearly define the items with detailed instructions
  5. Submit the form with the items to AOR

Please note – We cannot receive items into our system and the production process unless this form is completed in full and attached when the items are delivered.

Document attached

STEP 3 – Registration, ID & Preparing for Auto Electrical, Stone Stompers

Please review and download the appropriate registration form.

All campers and caravans must be registered in Queensland.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is the vehicle registration authority in Queensland.

There are 3 ‘categories’ of Queensland registration applicants:

Category 1 – You have a Queensland driver’s license and live in Queensland.

This is the easiest type of registration:

  • Complete the Registration documentation/application (PDF).
  • Photocopy both sides of your license and attach the copies to your registration application.
  • Mail (do not email) the documents to Australian Off Road – 39 Ron Parkinson Cres, Caloundra QLD 4551.
  • Bring your license with on handover day.

Category 2 – You have a Customer Reference Number (CRN) but no Queensland driver’s license.

  • You will have a CRN if you registered a vehicle in Queensland previously. If you are unable to find your CRN, please provide full ID with your forms so that TMR can search the customer name from the I.D. provided or call 13 23 80.
  • Complete the Registration documentation/application – including your CRN.
  • Complete the Garaging Address Statement. You must nominate a Queensland garaging address. If you don’t have one you can nominate AOR’s address.
  • Attach colour copies of 3 forms of identification – driver’s license, Medicare card, and credit card.
  • Mail (do not email) the documents to Australian Off Road – 39 Ron Parkinson Cres, Caloundra QLD 4551.
  • Bring all original identifications to your handover.

Category 3 – You do not have a Queensland driver’s license or CRN.

Complete the following forms:

  1. Registration documentation/application (PDF)
  2. New customer form
  3. Garaging statement
  • The Garaging Statement requires you to nominate a garaging address in Queensland. If you don’t have one you can nominate AOR’s address.
  • Provide colour copies of 3 forms of identification – a driver’s license, a Medicare card, and a credit card.
  • Mail (do not email) the documents to Australian Off Road – 39 Ron Parkinson Cres, Caloundra QLD 4551.
  • Bring all original identifications to your handover.

At your handover we will go over all documents to make sure they are accurate and correct. After handover we will lodge your registration application with the Department of Transport to assess.

In the mean time we issue you with an Interim Registration Label – which covers the period from handover to confirmation of registration.

  • Once approved registration is normally for 12 months.
  • You should transfer registration to your home State as soon as possible – you will receive a pro-rata refund for unused fees from the Department of Transport


Queensland registration cancellation

If you need to transfer your registration from Queensland plates to your State, you will receive a Surrender Receipt for the QLD plates. To cancel the QLD Plates and obtain a pro-rata refund on the QLD registration, please complete this form attached.

Once you complete the form please return the form and the surrender receipt via email to regocancellations@tmr.qld.gov.au.

  1. Register in Queensland first
  • Start by downloading these 3 forms:
  • Complete these forms as best you can – you can sign but please do not date the form yet
  • Return the original form/s to AOR via post (39 Ron Parkinson Cres, Caloundra QLD 4551) or in person – only original forms are accepted
  • A registration plate is then attached to your caravan
  • During your handover we will issue you an ‘Interim Registration xxx’ which confers the same rights on registered parties/operators as formal registration. This label will lapse once the Department of Transport registers your vehicle. This is not a cover note but it is a legal certificate advising that registration is being processed. It does not act as a formal registration.
  • After your handover we will lodge your registration application with the Department of Transport, the TMR process the applications within two to three weeks of the applications being received.
  • You will have 12 months registration
  • You should transfer registration to your home State as soon as possible – you will receive a pro-rata refund for unused fees from the Department of Transport

We are unable to register your caravan if you have chosen to “transport” your vehicle to your home state.

Please contact your local transport department as each states have different requirements.

Please obtain a permit and an insurance cover note before you tow back to your home state.

Note: some states require the route and time of travel. You may require a new electrical and gas certificate.

A personalised registration plate can be attached to your caravan

  • Please advise AOR once you have received your plate/s – then mail/deliver all plates to us (you may have one or two plates)
  • Please then advise if the plates are new or have been used previously
  • Please complete the Registration documentation/application (PDF) form to be best of your abilities before posting to AOR (39 Ron Parkinson Cres, Caloundra QLD 4551)
  • You must also complete the form titled Remove and/or Attach Personalised/Customised Number Plate/s Application form
  • If you wish AOR to lodge the application on your behalf with the Department of Transport you must also sign an Authority to Represent Registered Operator Vehicle Registration form

The types of identification needed to accompany your application to register your caravan will vary depending on whether you are a Queensland or inter-State customer:

  • If you have a Queensland CRN (see ‘Queensland registration’ above) you need only provide a colour copy of your Queensland driver’s license.
  • Inter-State customers must provide 3 forms of identification comprised of any combination of Category A & B (below) but with at least one from Category A

Category A

  • Driver’s License
  • Australian Passport
  • Birth Certificate

Category B

  • Medicare Card
  • Debit/Credit Card (must include signature & embossed name – blank out account card numbers only)
  • Centrelink Pensioner Card
  • Centrelink Health Care Card
  • Department of Veteran Affairs Card

Photocopy your identification and send them to us with the other forms. Also bring the originals to your handover for verification.

Mailing address 
Australian Off Road
39 Ron Parkinson Crescent, Bells Creek, QLD 4551

Please ensure that your vehicle has the required auto electrical work completed prior to your handover. AOR Service require 5 weeks notice to order your Stone Stomper if you have selected this option.

If you have any questions, please create a support ticket on myaor.com.au.

When it comes to technology it’s about using proven systems and adapting them to our innovations and electrical systems.

AOR have introduced the REDARC RedVision system as standard across our model range, with a lot of the control panel information displayed in the total vehicle management system.

Find out more about RedVision or download the app to your device below:

RedVision by REDARC

RedVision for Android

RedVision for iOS

STEP 4 – Handover appointment

AOR will be in contact to book in your handover date.

Prior to your handover, please download the RedVision app to your smart phone or tablet.
RedVision app details can be found on page 45,  Section 4:4.3 of the REDARC RedVision battery management & automation system Manual.

Please make sure you watch the handover videos that are available on AOR’s YouTube Channel and familiarise yourself with your camper or caravan. These videos will give you a great foundation of knowledge so you can remain focused on the more complex setups on handover day. Please take note of anything you specifically need covered on handover day, and bring along your smart phone to video for your own reference.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

STEP 5 – Preparing your vehicle, Auto electrical work, Stone Stompers

Preparation is the key when towing, so it is a good idea to start organising your vehicle early to ensure everything is in order for your handover.

If your vehicle requires any auto electrical work, please ensure it is completed prior to your handover appointment.

Auto Electrical work may include:

  • 12 pin trailer connector socket fitment – Required for ALL vans
  • Anderson wiring circuit – Grey Anderson Plug for charging van batteries, required for ALL vans.
  • Brake Controller – Required for ALL vans.
  • Brake Safe battery monitor – Suitable for all vans, required by law for NSW registrations.
  •  Alko ESC power supply (Electronic stability control for drum brake system only) – Wired to a separate RED Anderson plug (Please note all Quantum & Quantum Plus campers come standard with the ESC option).
  • Disk brake power supply circuit – Must be wired to 12 Pin Plug as per attached diagram, required for vans with disk brake system.
  • Hema Navigator HN7
  • Safety reverse camera pack
  • OEM trailer interface wiring for new vehicles – Complete tow wiring for new vehicles
  • Dual Battery system – Make an enquiry for a system to suit your budget and vehicle.

Wiring diagrams

All AOR Wiring diagrams are kept up to date on the AOR Owners Handbook. To download a wiring diagram, that is specific to your model please visit the AOR Owners Handbook.

When considering options for your trailer, please consider your towing vehicles payload. You should be aware that the tow ball mass counts towards your towing vehicle’s payload weight. Payload includes everything you add to your car: passengers, non-standard accessories, extra fuel/water and any other payload within the towing vehicle. Our trailers aggregate trailer mass (ATM) is:

  • Sierra ZR, Sierra – 1.8 tonne
  • Odyssey – 2.0 tonne (can be upgraded to 2.2 tonne)
  • Quantum, Quantum Plus, Matrix, Matrix Pop Top – 2.5 tonne
  • Sinergi, Aurora – 3.4 Tonne

This weight includes the tow ball or pin mass imposed on the tow hitch plus anything you add as a payload including water, luggage and gas.

It is desirable, but not necessary to have the trailer sitting level when loaded and attached to your vehicle.  To accomplish this, the top of the towbar tongue should, be set at a minimum 500mm from the ground.  4WD’s with swing doors need to be at least 160mm between the bottom of the door and the top of the towbar tongue.  Do not set the towbar tongue higher than this measurement.

When you come to take delivery of your new AOR, please have the tow ball removed so we can attach the off road coupling to your towbar, the chains, 12 pin plug and Anderson plug.  We will then test the lights on the trailer to ensure the connections are working correctly and will adjust the electric brake controller and ensure you understand its operation. If the connection on your car to fit the chains is not the correct size, a Hammerlock can be used for the fitting. You will also require a 12 pin plug for your trailer brake system fitted to the rear of your car.

Please also ensure your auto electrician checks your vehicle requirements for the Anderson plug. They need to make sure that the positive to positive is coming from the terminal of the start battery, and the negative feed is coming from the chassis.

If you have any pre-existing wiring, please have an auto-electrician check to ensure your Anderson plug is 6 B&S.

  • Please ensure your auto electrical work has been completed prior to handover day.
  • Have you booked in your 2K and 10K Service with AOR Service? Many customers go on a short test drive trip to get used to their new camper or caravan before returning to AOR for their 2K service. Please book in now so we can accommodate your travel plans.
  • Please organise insurance cover on your new camper or caravan prior to your handover appointment (please be advised that once your final invoice has been paid, the owner is responsible for insurance cover)
  • Your VIN (Vehicle Identification number) and registration number can be found on your MyAOR Sales Portal close to production completion.

STEP 6 – Handover day

Please review all items below to be sure you are prepared for your handover

  1. Your handover date should be confirmed by AOR in advance.
  2. Please ensure the relevant auto-electrical work is completed on your tow vehicle.
  3. Return your registration documents to AOR (see ‘Registration’ above) – including identification documents (see ‘Identification’ above)
  4. Watch the Handover Videos
  5. Make your final payment before the handover – if you pay on the day of your handover you will have to pay by bank cheque
  6. Please bookmark the AOR Owners Handbook in your web browser
Handover Kit Inclusions
1 1-ADA-HOS-07 13mm Hose coupling STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD
1 MAT-CGE-01 Annex floor matt 4.3×2.4 STD STD STD STD STD STD
1 MAT-CGE-02 Annex floor matt 6×2.4 STD
1 GRE-BON-01 Castrol Spheerol HTB 2 Grease 450g Cartridge STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD
1 SEP FROM SS IN STORES Diesel heater exhaust cover STD STD STD STD STD STD STD
1 1-HIT-VEC-08 Hitch cover /pin/spanner STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD
1 1-BEA-ALK-01 Hub bearing kit retail (check hub type) STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD
1 1-INC-TGG-01 Induction cooktop STD
1 1-LAD-ARC-01 Ladder STD
1 No part # Macerator key + 10mm Socket STD STD STD STD STD STD STD
1 1-PLS-CAM-01 Plastic grey step STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD
1 KIT-PAA-PUF-01 Pump flush adapter STD STD STD STD STD STD STD
3 ROP-SUP-02 Ropes (Black 3m) STD STD
1 KIT-PAA-SDP-01/02 Sink drain pipe kit STD STD
1 1-ADS-MAN-02 Stabiliser leg handle STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD
1 QS4RG-01 Stainless steel fridge cover STD STD STD
1 1-FIL-FIS-07 Water filler spanner STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD STD


Maintenance Kit Inclusions

2 12mm Locking clips 1-LOCJOG-01 AOR SR
1 40amp Fuse – Redvision only 1-FUS-QUE-01 AOR SR
2 Amber Retro Reflector 1-LIG-BRW-03 AOR SR
2 Clear retro reflector 1-LIG-BRW-01 AOR SR
1 Dummy load cap 1-TVF-ELE-01 AOR SR
1 Equal elbow 12mm tube 1-ELB-JOG-01 AOR SR
1 Equal tee 12mm tube 1-TEE-JOG-01 AOR SR
1 Handover kit Redvision (fuse kit) 1-HAO-HAM-02 AOR SR
2 Red Retro Reflector 1-LIG-BRW-02 SR
1 Single check valve 1-VAL-JOG-01 SR
1 M11 x 37D Shackle Load Rated 1.5 Tonne 13mm Pin SHA-BON-02 SR
1 M13 x41mmD Shackle Load Rated 2 Tonne 16mm Pin 62LD1341G AOR
2 M5 x 40 Split / Cotter Pins Stainless G316 M5-BON-21 AOR
1 MIDI ANS 40amp Fuse 1-FUS-QUE-01 AOR
1 Plastic Pol Plug (Gas Bottle) 1-PLU-GAc-02 AOR
1 Plug Red 1-PLU-JOG-01 AOR

STEP 7 – Customer Feedback

AOR welcomes your feedback to help us improve our customer service, design, sales and marketing. We would appreciate if you could please complete our Customer Feedback Survey!

We will prompt you to fill out this form 2 weeks after  your handover.

If you are interested in becoming and AOR ambassador we encourage you to complete our registration form. Also if you have any photos or videos of your travels, we would love to see them! Please email marketing@australianoffroad.com.au with anything you would be happy for us to share.

Happy camping!

STEP 8 – Join the community

There is a lot to keep up with at AOR! Whether you are a current owner or considering joining the AOR Family, there is a range of ways you can keep in touch with AOR to suit your lifestyle.

Owners Forum

Engage with fellow AOR Owners through our online forum. Access is available to both new and second hand AOR Owners.Guest access also available for new buyers.
Log on / Signup to the AOR Forum

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