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Checklists and general maintenance


Batteries and electrical


Toilet, black tank and amenities


Awnings and canvas


Internal and external


Heating and cooling


Kitchens and fridges


Hot water and gas


Water tanks


Recalls and upgrades

Warranty and insurance


Handover videos

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Handbook FAQ’s

Q. Is a printed version of the handbook available?
A. There is not a print published version of the online handbook. We keep all information in the online handbook up to date so you can have confidence that you are accessing the most recent and up to date information relevant to your AOR.

Q. What’s the best way to access the handbook information when I am out of range?
A. If there are components you think you might need to read about while you are out of range, we recommend you either print or save the relevant PDF or web page to your device. Your new camper or caravan will come with a hard copy of the component manuals from the supplier, and the AOR handover videos are available for download here.